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The Saint Bernardine church and parish mission is to minister to the spiritual needs of its faith community through worship, service and education and to provide outreach, support, and welcome in an affirming environment. All are called to evangelize and be stewards on the journey, to model the life of Jesus while striving to develop a spirituality active and financially stable faith community.

St. Bernardine of Sienna

As a young man, Bernardine had a troublesome speech impediment. Eventually, he was divinely led to join the Franciscan order, where his patience and humility grew as his spirituality developed. Despite obviously difficulty with the spoken word, he dutifully accepted an assignment to a preaching office and was miraculously healed as a reward for his unquestioning obedience. Bernardine became a great preacher, who was known for his eloquence.

Saint Bernardino of Siena

Bernardino of Siena

Italy was constantly at war during Bernardine’s lifetime, but he continued his work, always keeping the Name of Jesus in this hear and on his lips. In so doing, he helped establish peace in the land and a rekindling of true Catholic peity. He was one of the first to preach devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus.

After years of laboring and writing for Our Lord, Bernardine died in 1444. We honor him as St. Bernardine each May.

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