St. Vincent de Paul Society

Society of St. Vincent De Paul U.S.A.We are St. Vincent De Paul

Trying to help the forgotten, the suffering or the deprived in our midst.

  • That could be the person who lost their job.
  • That could be a hungry person or family.
  • That could be an elderly person, struggling to get by.
  • That could be a sick person who can’t afford all their medicine.
  • That could be a person taking care of kids and parents at the same time and not being able to pull it off.
  • That could be a single parent juggling child care, work and life.
  • That could be your neighbor…or maybe even you.

We are St. Vincent De Paul. Maybe we can be of assistance in some way. Please call us to see if we can lend a helping hand. Leave a message at the rectory at 708-366-0839.

Our Food Pantry is open each Saturday morning from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  Please enter through the Marengo Avenue door. All are welcome.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society is VERY GRATEFUL for your generosity in donating food and money so that we can continue to serve those in need. At this time we have particular need of: coffee, peanut butter, spam, canned milk, chili, tuna, canned ham, baked beans, pork and beans, cereal, soup, jelly-jam, pasta, and pasta sauce.

You can bring food donations to church every week and leave them in the container on Mary’s altar. If you wish to donate money you can put cash or a check (made out to St. Vincent de Paul) in the collection basket in an envelope also made out to St. Vincent de Paul.