Pastor’s Desk: December 30 The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Dear Parishioners,

Fr. Stanislaw Kuca

Fr. Stanislaw Kuca

 On the Sunday after Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ human family. Appropriate to the season, we usually visualize the Holy Family as they appear in the typical nativity scene: the baby Jesus lying in a manger, surrounded by his doting parents. But Joseph, Mary and Jesus lived together for many years, through Jesus’ infancy, childhood, adolescence, and maybe even into his adulthood. As we celebrate the Holy Family, let us think of the families we have been a part of, both as children and as adults.

 Some maintenance updates. Fearon Hall: For many years, we have had a problem with rainwater seeping into Fearon Hall. Part of this problem was corrected earlier this year (near the handicap access bathroom).  The biggest problem with seepage though, came from the area near the girls’ bathroom.  Last week Superior Concrete came out to look and found a very large crack in the foundation.  The crack was sealed, and this should take care of that problem.  The cost to repair was $1,500.00.  Convent: The doorknob at the back door of the convent has not been working well. It was hard to open or not latching when closed.  PHS Locksmith replaced all of the hardware, and we are back in business!  The cost to repair/replace was $779.00.  It seems many of the doors at the Rectory and Convent are thicker than standard doors, and finding parts that fit comes at a premium.

I would like to say a big thank you to ALL who made Christmas very special. The church was decorated beautifully. Big thanks to Jurate Lukminas, our choir and cantors for beautiful music. Music is always an important part of a liturgy, but at Christmas it is especially appreciated. Thanks to lectors, ushers, ministers of the Eucharist, and altar servers. Thanks to ALL for your prayers, participation and generosity!

 On the New Year we will celebrate one Mass at 9:00 A.M.

 Happy New Year!

Fr. Stan

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