Pastor’s Desk: March 15 3rd Sunday of Lent

**Please see an important message from Cardinal Cupich regarding Daily Masses using the internet, following Fr. Stan’s message**


Dear Parishioners,

Fr. Stanislaw Kuca

Fr. Stanislaw Kuca

During this holy season, we examine and reflect upon our lives and call on God for aid. There are times in our lives – and this may be one of them – when we feel alone, abandoned. We may ask, as the Chosen People did when thirsting in the desert, “Is the Lord in our midst?” As we grow weary crossing the deserts in our life, let us remember Jesus’ words: “I am with you always.”

We live in a time when Corona Virus is spreading around the world and in our country as well. Therefore I would like to share with you guidelines from USCCB we must follow.

During all Masses and liturgies:

  • Refrain from physical contact during the Sign of Peace. (Note: the Sign of Peace can be exchanged without physical contact.)
  • Refrain from distribution of Holy Communion to the faithful via the chalice. (Please consider options for any parishioners with celiac disease or sensitivity.)
  • Given the frequency of direct contact with saliva in the distribution of Holy Communion on the tongue, every consideration should be given by each individual to receive Holy Communion reverently in open hands for the time being.
  • Refrain from holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer.

Refrain from using Holy Water fonts.

Assure the faithful that if they are sick or are experiencing symptoms of sickness, they are not obliged to attend Mass, and even that out of charity they ought not to attend.

Explain when the Church allows for you to miss Mass – Catechism 2181 allows for serious reasons like illness.

Thank you for understanding and following these guidelines.


In this second week of Lent let us pray that those afflicted by Corona Virus be healed and that its spread would slow and be eliminated.  May God bless all of us and keep us safe and healthy.

Fr. Stan

**Please note that since the writing of Fr. Stan’s article, church mass has been suspended until further notice.  Please see the message below from the Cardinal’s office.

“During this difficult time, it is particularly important that the faithful have access to the grace and comfort of Holy Mass. While we observe restrictions on our in-person attendance at liturgies, I invite you to watch and participate in the celebration of Sunday, Saturday evening, and Daily Masses using the internet.

The Archdiocese of Chicago will broadcast Mass in English from Holy Name Cathedral this weekend. This Mass can be viewed on our YouTube channel beginning at 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 14.

Beginning Saturday, March 21, the archdiocese will broadcast weekend Masses from Holy Name Cathedral in English, Spanish and Polish. These Masses will be available on our YouTube channel beginning at 4 p.m. Saturday, March 21 and will continue until in-person attendance at liturgies is reinstated.

Additionally, daily Mass will be celebrated and broadcast from St. James Chapel on weekdays. These Masses will be available on our YouTube channel beginning at 10 a.m. Tuesday, March 17.

The recordings of all Masses will remain on our YouTube channel.

Our website,, provides resources to enrich your personal prayer life and deepen our solidarity with one another as we experience the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We will add to these and share them with you as they become available.

Let us continue to pray for all affected by the current pandemic and, together, seek Our Lady’s intercession for our protection and the wellbeing of the most vulnerable among us.”


Bishop Hicks

Bishop Ronald Hicks
Vicar General