Pastor’s Desk: November 11 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Veteran’s Day

Dear Parishioners,

Fr. Stanislaw Kuca

Fr. Stanislaw Kuca

As Thanksgiving approaches, we would do well to think about the sacrifices others have made for us. These sacrifices, material and spiritual, may well have sustained us in our needs and comforted us in our troubles. As we come together today, let us ask ourselves what sacrifices we can make for our family members, our friends, and our neighbor. What sacrifices might the Lord be asking us to make?

30th Annual Game Day is THIS SUNDAY! You can buy tickets in the back of church after every mass or at the door on Sunday.  You may find more details about tickets and raffles in the Chimes.

Next week, our second collection will be for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Over 43 million people in the United States live in poverty. This collection supports programs to empower people to identify and address the obstacles they face as they work to bring permanent and positive change to their communities. Learn more about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development at

On All Souls’ Day Catholic churches have a Book of the Dead, in which parishioners have an opportunity to write the names of relatives to be remembered. That’s placed near the altar through the month of November. In our Church the Book of the Dead is exposed in front of Mary’s altar. Feel free to write in it names of your faithful departed.

Once again I must say thank you to all who supported our 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal.  Our target goal as a parish was $16,591.39.  As of September 30th, $27,288.00 has already been paid!  This gives St. Bernardine an excess of $10,696.61, which was reimbursed to us last week.  Please read the following excerpts from a letter I received from Cardinal Cupich:  “Father Kuca . . . your strong endorsement of and participation in conducting the Annual Catholic Appeal have been directly responsible for this year’s success.  You have helped make it possible for the people of St. Bernardine to be generous stewards of God’s gifts in ways that strengthen our unity in the Church.  On behalf of the many beneficiaries of the Annual Catholic Appeal, please extend my appreciation to your parishioners for their extraordinary support of this important annual campaign.  As I thank God for many gifts, I offer you and the people of St. Bernardine my pledge of prayers and a remembrance at the Lord’s table.”

Hopefully, we’ll see many of you at our 30th Annual Game Day.

May God bless you,

Fr. Stan

November 11 Chimes


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