Pastor’s Desk: October 21 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time World Mission Sunday

Dear Parishioners,

Fr. Stanislaw Kuca

Fr. Stanislaw Kuca

 The passage from Isaiah we hear today – of God’s servant suffering for the sins of others – we also heard on Good Friday and will hear again next Good Friday. Why do we hear it now nearly halfway in between the two? Perhaps it is because we can use the reminder of what Jesus has done for us. We can also be reminded of Jesus’ call to serve others. As we celebrate Mass today, let us renew our commitment to bring God’s word into action as we serve those who have the greatest need.

The Religious Ed Pancake Breakfast is scheduled for October 28th, and our 30th Annual Game Day is set for November 11th. We have  a special Game Day ticket price for our parishioners – $15.00. You can buy tickets at the door after every mass or in the parish office.

According to Archdiocesan policies, priests are evaluated by parishioners every 5 years. This time I ask you to participate in my evaluation. It will help me to see and reflect on my ministry and perhaps improve areas where you expect me to be better. In the Chimes you  will find instructions how to do it on-line. For those who do not have easy access to internet, printed evaluation forms are available at the exits. Please fill it out and return it in a week. In the Chimes you will find a letter from Bishop John Manz encouraging you to be a part of my evaluation process. 

Training for new altar servers will take place on Wednesday, October 24th from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the church, as well as Wednesday, November 7th at the same time. All boys and girls 4th grade and older who would like to be trained, please come to one of these training sessions.

Mortenson Roofing came out last week to clean the gutters in the rectory and church. They also replaced the rotted wooden soffits on the rectory roof. The cost to complete the clean out and repair was $2,810.00.  During the gutter clean out, more rotted soffits were found and will need to be replaced.  We are waiting for the estimate on that at this time.

God bless you,

 Fr. Stan


According to Archdiocesan policies, lay leadership and parishioners are to be given the opportunity to recognize Fr. Stan’s gifts and to share their sentiments about his ministry. Thus, we are providing a parish-wide survey as part of his review process. The survey can be easily accessed by going to the Archdiocese’s web page ( and clicking on Offices and Ministries, located on the top panel. This will bring you to an alphabetical listing of offices. Under ‘M’, select Ministerial Evaluation. You will then be directed to the Ministerial Evaluation webpage. In the middle of the page, you will find “360 Catholic Leadership review for priests”. Please click on the word ‘Link’ next to your appropriate language to access the survey. The survey is available in English, Spanish, and Polish.

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