Pastor’s Desk: September 8 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,

Fr. Stanislaw Kuca

Fr. Stanislaw Kuca

 What does it take to be a disciple of Jesus? A couple of weeks ago, we learned it takes discipline, a word derived from the same Latin root, discipline, which means teaching or instruction. A new school year has just begun for many of us. What an appropriate time to act as a student. Eager to learn what it takes to follow the Lord.

 Beginning this weekend all masses will be celebrated in the church. Once more I want to express my gratitude toward those who helped in organizing the summer mass arrangement. Many participants of Fearon Hall mass were very happy to have it in an air-conditioned place.

 On this Sunday at 10:30 mass we celebrate liturgy for our Religious Education Program. Vacation is ended, and the new RE year begins. I’m very grateful to all involved in the RE Program here at St. Bernardine. Your faith and willingness of sharing it with our students inspire me and, I think, many others of our parishioners. We keep all of you in our prayers.

 September is the month when all parish groups, ministries, and councils begin the new year of their service. If you recognize yourself as a potential member of any (for example, of a choir) don’t hesitate to offer your talents to enrich this particular ministry.

 The second collection this weekend will be taken for our St. Vincent de Paul Society. Thank you for your generosity.

 Father Rob Irwin has successfully accomplished his study at Loyola Hospital and is preparing for his trip back home. I have enjoyed very much Rob staying at the rectory, and surely he will be missed. I would like to thank Fr. Rob for providing services here at St. Bernardine at the time of my vacation. May God bless you in your new assignment as a chaplain in the biggest hospital in Boise, Idaho. After Saturday 5:00 p.m. Mass there will be a simple farewell reception in the convent dining room. Once again, thank you Fr. Rob and God bless you!

 Hospitality weekends resume, beginning next weekend (September 14th & 15th) in the convent dining room.

 May God bless us for the time of an ending Summer.

 Fr. Stan

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